Fate Accompli by MM Jaye

girlboycover_152x228_finalIt’s high time I hosted an excerpt of my own here! Fate Accompli is now available on Amazon in two heat versions: Clean (no bedroom scenes) and Spicy (explicit but not graphic intimacy). Here’s an excerpt from Chapter Eight.

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Excerpt from Chapter Eight

Alex prided himself on being the perfect gentleman even under severe stress, but on that godforsaken day, everything he knew about himself had crumbled. He had literally cornered his assistant, then nearly assaulted her—and would have taken her there and then if the fire alarm hadn’t gone off—and now, he’d abandoned his escort without any explanation.

He stabbed his fingers through his hair as he made his way through patrons who were lingering outside the tiny bar smoking and chatting. He’d walked to Psyrri in an effort to clear his head, and now he had to return to Arger Enterprises on foot to get his motorbike. He would ride it at breakneck speed along the coastal highway until his mind behaved in a way he could recognize and feel comfortable with. Then he would go home and sleep the day off. Hopefully, tomorrow he would be back to his old self-assured self and then he would find an efficient way to deal with this mind-boggling situation he’d gotten himself into.

Determined to put off unsettling thoughts about Monica until the morning, he took the scenic route to central Omonia Square, strolling along the sinuous cobbled streets branching out of the main highway. He made a conscious effort to relax and take in the ambrosial aroma of the evening primrose that tumbled gaily over walls and balconies, smoothly blending with the pungent scent of caramelized sugar wafting from cotton candy stalls. Skirting a young couple kissing fervently in the middle of the street and then a huckster hawking his “gold” ware, he thought he’d managed to slow his mind down enough to enjoy the moment, but the conniving day wasn’t through with him.

Because there she was.

Sitting on a backless street bench, a beer bottle in her hand, she was watching a fire performer juggling torches. Her beautiful face had taken on a golden glow from the swirling fire before her and, as she tipped her head back to bring the bottle to her lips, he saw her loose long hair cascade down her back in soft waves that almost touched her seat.

Just as his chest constricted at her sight, he swore lavishly. She wouldn’t give him a break now, would she? Of course, he could always turn around and leave. She hadn’t seen him yet. But just like earlier, he went up to her.

Because he had to.

She lifted her calm gaze to his face … and smiled!


 Of course, he would be here, Monica thought as she slowly rose to her feet, holding his piercing gaze. It wasn’t twelve o’clock yet. The day wasn’t over. In the next hour, she could see him turn into a frog and still not bat an eyelid.

No, that’s two different fairy tales.

Alex just stood there and stared at her. “Did you send those faxes?” he grated.

Monica rolled her eyes. Him and his faxes! “I did send the faxes,” she said in carefully spaced words.

Oh, this is fun.

Without warning, Alex took hold of her arm and dragged her to a corner where the din from the street was not so loud.

“Listen, Monica,” he rasped, “I was with a woman just before.”

Patience, she reminded herself, squelching the flutter of disappointment that dared mess with the good place she was in. Regaining her composure, she arched her brows expectantly as she did when she took dictation from him.

“I see.”

He yanked her arm. “Damn it, didn’t you hear me? I was with a woman!”

Extracting her arm from his grip, she gave him a sweet smile and blinked. “How can I help you with that?”

She could see that her calmness toyed with his temper dangerously. “You helped a great deal,” he hissed, “with your antics in the swimming pool and … after.”

“I’m sorry, I see no connection.”

Alex’s eyes darted to the street and he leaned closer. “I intended to be with that woman, tonight, but I … couldn’t, thanks to you.”

That revelation managed to shake her. She hadn’t expected it so soon. After what had happened earlier, she was certain as to where things between them would eventually lead, but she had settled in for a long wait until he’d come around.

Her breath audibly quickened, but she’d be damned if she’d show weakness. “Should I feel sorry about that?”

Alex’s dark gaze lost some of its fire. “No, of course you shouldn’t be sorry. However, it can’t happen between us.”

Although prepared, her heart sank.

“Damn it, not as long as you work for me.” His eyes softened and his hard grip on her shoulder became an intimate squeeze. “But if the deal with Roe is sealed, I will leave the company and then…” Raising his hands, he ran them through her hair, fanning it out.

Monica’s breath caught in her throat. What was he saying? Was he actually admitting that he wanted them to be together?

His face hardened again and he let his hands fall to his sides. “But until then, I’m your boss and you’re my assistant. That’s it,” he said, his stretched hand slicing the air to drive his point through.

Monica bit her lower lip, trying not to smile. He had all but said it. Not only had he accepted the powerful attraction between them, but he had even admitted it to her. Well, that was as close an admittance as she would get for the time being. Because when the deal was sealed… She felt her body shiver in anticipation.

“Tomorrow, I’ll fly to London. I might as well be there, since Roe might come up with all sorts of delays again. And I can’t afford to have any more delays.” With a sigh, he cupped her chin and his thumb caressed her lower lip.

“I could always send him some of my orgasmic pie—” Monica ventured, aware that it was her beer-boosted nerve speaking.

Alex’s gaze darkened, and she could see the juggler’s fire reflected in the depths of his eyes. Leaning down, he brought his lips a hairbreadth away from hers.

“Let me go home, little siren,” he said huskily, his hot whiskey-smelling breath further warming her flushed face. “Otherwise, you’ll tempt me to follow you and then, believe me, I’ll show you what orgasmic truly means.”